Pepa Pombo is a Colombian ready-to-wear brand reinventing knitwear since 1978. Intricate designs, heritage and innovative techniques define our universe and create the vibrant and bold pieces that have become the brand’s artistic signature. Since, Pepa Pombo has established itself as a luxury fashion brand celebrated for its timeless heritage and its three-dimensional texture design. Each Pepa Pombo collection showcases the brand’s DNA: a singular approach to knitwear. From thread to garment, the utmost attention is given to impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite detailing.


Launched in 1978 by designer Pepa Pombo, the brand grew into a thriving family-run business soon after its origin. By the 1980s, Pepa became one of the most renowned names in the industry in both her home country, and in Mexico. Pepa Pombo successfully merged her natural talent with her studies in art and textile to experiment innovating knitwear techniques. Pepa named her daughter Mónica Holguín Designer and Creative Director in 2002. Today, Monica continues the family tradition, adapting and delivering the Pepa Pombo brand to new generations. The house expertise still lies in impeccable handwoven knitwear while enjoying innovating relevance.


We are constantly developing and reinventing ourselves. Every step of the production process is done in-house, which allow us to experiment and push the boundaries of knitwear. As a result, we achieve outstanding movement, shapes and texture singular to our pieces.

We are experts at what we do. We’ve spent more than 45 years exploring fibers, techniques and improving the knitwear process. We are proud of our unique heritage and of our designs, which are made by the talented hands and minds of our Pepa Pombo team.

We value exclusivity and distinctiveness. We create unique ready-to-wear pieces at uncompromising standards of quality, performance and beauty. Our goal is for each garment to be a unique creation defined by distinctiveness, multi-functionality, and versatility.

We cherish and prioritize our impact on the environment, molded by our authentic beliefs and attempt to reduce our direct impact. As technology evolves, we evolve with it by shaping in-house techniques and building a transparent production chain while sustaining the beauty of traditional craft.